Lesson 2: Act 1, Scene 2- Caliban Enters

Who is more monstrous: Prospero or Caliban?

On the surface, it appears that Caliban is the monster within this play. Prospero and Miranda even tell us so. Yet if we look a little more closely at the language we begin to understand that the issue is a little more complex than it first seems.

So where does human end and monster begin?

Lesson1: Act 1, Scene 2- Meeting Caliban

How does Shakespeare’s use of structure and language affect the audience’s reading of Caliban?

This lesson focuses on how the structure of Shakespeare’s The Tempest affects the presentation of Caliban to his audience. We hear of a ‘whelp hag-born’ before we even see Caliban.

What does this tell us about his character? Perhaps more importantly, what does it tell us about those who make judgements of him?

Meeting Caliban

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